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You can establish an account via the First Service Residential website to gain access to all the necessary information associated with the POA. You can pay POA annual fees, see all property violations related to your address, retrieve rental and design review applications and view the Deed Restriction Manual once your account is activated.

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Living in a Deed Restricted Community raises a lot of questions for the Homeowner. We highly recommend that you know your Deed Restrictions and keep updated with changes and reviews to the manual.

  • What is the difference between a POA and CDD?
  • It is a very simple explanation. A POA or Property Owners Association, handles all details pertinent to your property. So, if the issue has to do with something you own (your property) it is handled by the POA. All other issues regarding any common areas and facilities are reserved for the CDD including parks, sport courts, streets, street lights, gates, guards and passes.
  • Who is First Service Residential?
  • As a Board we have contracted the management services for our community to First Service Residential. The Property Manager is Rory Harding.
  • When are the Trash Days?
  • Your trash services are through Waste Management. The trash collection days are Monday and Thursday. Trash bins may be set out after 6 pm the day before collection day and must be put away the same day as collection.    Yard debris can only be placed by the curb on Wednesday and Thursday for Thursday collection. Please do not set any yard debris on top of the water culverts as the waste from the yard debris will leach directly back into the Lake! 
  • What if I want to modify my home?
  • Any modification to the exterior of your home including but not limited to, painting, additions, pools, docks, decks, patios, poured curbing, tree removal/planting and walkways will need approval from the Design Review Committee before the commencement of a project. If you want to paint your home you will need to pick out a color from the pre-approved color book. The color book is available for review in the Beach Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9a-5pm. Once application is submitted for the modification, you will need to wait for approval from the Design review Committee to begin your project.
  • What do I need to do if I would like to rent my home?
  • All renters must be approved by the Board to live in any residence in Cory Lake Isles. The Homeowner must go to their resident login page and click on TENANT EVALUATION and submitt thier application online, along with the initial Application Fee and Background Fee of $250.00 for first two applicants. Everyone 18 an dolder must have a backgrond check done.  If you have a third adult that will be living with the persons leasing then you will be required to fill out another $100.00 application with a $75.00 back ground fee as well.  Click here and enter code 6181 Tenant Evaluation . Effective December 2, 2013 all owners renting their home are required to keep a $500 security deposit on file with the association. Once all correct information is received the Board will review the rental application and make a decision based primarily upon the background check of the renter. Once a decision has been made the Homeowner will be notified.  Leases are allowed only  for one year. A  renewal lease must be submitted annualy for  Board approval.
  • Does the association have any restrictions on renting my home?
  • Yes. No dwelling unit shall be leased or rented unless the owner has owned the dwelling unit for at least on year beforehand. No home may be leased more than two (2) times within any consecutive twelve (12) month period. If an owner is delinquent in payment of assessments to the association the lease will not be approved. If at any time the owner becomes delinquent during the term of the lease the Association may request that the tenant make all payments of rent due and owing under the lease directly to the Association to be applied to the delinquent account of the Lot Owner.
  • What days can I water my lawn?
  • Hillsborough County only allows you to water on specific days of the week. Please visit for the specific guidelines.
  • Where can I find the Deed Restrictions for Cory Lake Isles?
  • The Deed Restrictions and all governing documents and forms are available to view, download and print from the First Service Residential website. Homeowners have access to this site at Please visit the Establish an Account Section to activate your account.
  • How do I contact First Service Residential?
  • You can contact First Service Residential via telephone at 727.299.9555.

Below you will find all the important documents that govern our community. Please become an informed Homeowner and familiarize yourself with the guidelines set forth to maintain the exceptional quality of Cory Lake Isles.


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